What being confirmed means to me

I did not put speculation in the title, and since several people have taken offense to my wording apparently, I've asked for the title to be changed as I found no means to do so myself.

What being confirmed means to me

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What being confirmed means to me

For example, I say how tired I am of how the system of white privilege excludes and harms non-white peopleand some people accuse me of hating on white folks. Each of us yes, even the most disenfranchised has an identity that benefits from the exploitation of another group, so refusing to face your own privilege helps keep oppression in place.

For instance, I have privilege as a temporarily able-bodied person. But I recognize that I benefit from it and I should do something about itbecause everyone deserves access to basic resources.

Their liberation is what disability rights are all about. These systems — like ableism, white supremacy, and classism — get structural support from laws, the media, and policies that affect our lives every day.

We learn that everyone can work hard to earn rewards, pull themselves up by their bootstraps to gain wealth, and be a decent person to get respect.

I can do things like find housing that accommodates my physical needs without worrying about potential landlords discriminating against my ability. And actually, I believe it.

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Unlike someone who can easily buy food, you might be so desperate to feed your family that you risk something illegal like robbing a store. But a poor person of color also has to deal with racial discrimination that makes a potential employer more likely to call a white applicant back than to give them a chance.

A poor woman also faces workplace sexism that has potential employers judge her as less competent and less hirable than a man. And he could face other identity-based discrimination too, like ableism, fatphobia, or homophobia. They work together, under a larger system called kyriarchy.

So for a poor Black woman looking for a job, classism, racism, and sexism all work together against her. For instance, some feminists believe that intersectionality dilutes the movement by taking away from sexism to focus on issues such as racism, ableism, and transphobia. We can learn from this model of growth to check our own personal privilege without erasing our personal struggles.

Until recently, straight privilege included the right to marry anywhere in the US. A lot of time, money, and resources went into the fight for marriage equality, and achieving it is a great victory for queer people who want to get married.

How would we address those issues? Or that you should feel guilty about your good fortune? It means that everyone deserves the access you have, regardless of gender.

Nobody should be discouraged or excluded from any field because of who they are. But for some people, systems of oppression keep success out of reach even if they do work hard.

If they can overcome those messages to pursue STEM careers, they still face a misogynistic culture that devalues their skillsand treats them as less capable and less intelligent than people treated as masculine.

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Some dismiss the idea of privilege by pointing to exceptions to the rule.Sorry if that GIF is giving you a seizure, but yesterday the Senate confirmed a guy with no prosecutorial experience and ties to the bank smack in the middle of the Russia investigation to head the DOJ's Criminal Division which supervises the Russia investigation!

The house is burning, and we are all the dog. IKEA buys TaskRabbit to help you build furniture TaskRabbit CEO Stacy Brown-Philpot repost (@moorinformation) "TaskRabbit, the on-demand platform for hiring people to do everything from build furniture to stand in line for you at the Apple Store, has sold itself to Ikea, Recode first reported.

Ikea has since confirmed the acquisition, saying the plan is for the furniture retailer to acquire. Nov 29,  · On therapy, politics, marriage, the state of rap and being a black man in Trump’s America.

What just-confirmed Betsy DeVos means for U.S. education and millions of children. By Trump now has fewer confirmed Cabinet nominees than any other modern president at .

How Long Does It Take To Get Addicted To Meth: We Can Help You, Individualized Treatment! Feb 07,  · The vote on Tuesday was believed to be the first in Senate history in which the vice president was called in to break a tie on a cabinet nomination.

What being confirmed means to me
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