Saddam hussein is back

Saddam was a leading member of the operation. At the time, the Ba'ath Party was more of an ideological experiment than a strong anti-government fighting machine. The majority of its members were either educated professionals or students, and Saddam fit the bill.

Saddam hussein is back

Saddam hussein is back

Within the next 30 minutes, upwards of 5, people in this Kurdish city were dead as the most stunning example of genocide against the Kurdish people.

City no more, Halabja is now a small town, struggling to maintain its footing, something that was immediately apparent when I visited with a few friends who were living in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish Autonomous Region Kurdistan in Northern Iraq.

It was a Friday, the Muslim holy day, and the town was nearly deserted. We did, however, succeed in finding a taxi driver to take us to the towering memorial on the outskirts of town that resembles a pair of opposing cupped hands going into the air, a ride that he insisted on not accepting money for, something that stunned us for a town that faced such financial hardship.

Halabja Massacre Memorial The memorial itself is a somber place.

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Immediately after walking in, you are directed to a room full of eerily lit dioramas of what the scene looked like immediately after the bombing.

Next come an assortment of photos of the aftermath, which show that life just stopped suddenly. There is a man caught mid-prayer. People with bags of things that just fell on the ground as they themselves collapsed. The father who is shielding his child, yet they are both dead which is also featured as a sculpture outside the complex, as pictured below.

These are the horrifying images of what come from chemical weapon use. The centerpiece of the memorial is a symbol of Kurdish national pride, swathed in green, red and white fabric, the colors of the flag of Iraqi Kurdistan. The Cemetery From the memorial, the other site of interest in town is the cemetery, full of mass graves.

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His whole family was buried there, translated my friend. Stoically posing with the names of his family members, the driver insisted we simply had to take his photograph. As you wander down the path with mass grave after mass grave, each listing how many bodies were buried there, you arrive back at the front gate with its bone chilling sign: And a walk through these decaying hallways leads to more dramatic encounters, though not nearly as hair raising as that first set of figrues.

Though the Kurds do not currently have an independent state, this revolt ultimately led to the greatest degree of freedom and self-government that the Kurds have experienced in modern history. When the cease-fire was finally signed in OctoberKurdish forces were in control of what we now know as Iraqi Kurdistan.

Above shine 5, lights, each representing a Kurdish village that he destroyed. The whole experience of both of these places makes you do a bit of reflecting about the unthinkable horrors that the Kurdish people faced under Saddam Hussein.

But when you come face to face with the sites of such atrocities, everything suddenly becomes very real.

Have you visited troubled places like these? What sorts of reactions did you have?If President Saddam Hussein come back it will be nightmare for betrayers, oil robbers and gold robbers in Iraq. He will ask the American Government to return the tonnes of gold which was stealed from the Iraq Bank by USA Military during the war.

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Saddam had ordered it in to leave Umm Qasr, Iraq’s biggest port outside Basra, where it had been moored, to Basra in a vain attempt to avoid air strikes.


At the back row, from left, are Hussein Kamel, Saddam Kamel, his wife and Saddam Hussein's daughter Rana, Saddam's eldest son Odai, Hussein Kamel's wife and Saddam Hussein's eldest daughter r-bridal.comd: Sep 18, Apr 01,  · My parents fled to Sweden back in the 80's due to Saddam Hussein and his actions.

The Kurdish people were poor and went through genocide. Nowadays people live much better; there is a positive outlook on life. The Kurdish areas has since long . Saddam Hussein was the ruthless dictator of Iraq from until He was the adversary of the United States during the Persian Gulf War and found himself once again at odds with the U.S.

in during the Iraq War.

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