Personal professional effectiveness essay

Seeking and responding to feedback from multiple sources. Assuming responsibility for learning and change. Seeking continuous improvement in quality of care.

Personal professional effectiveness essay

I was pleased with the reflection that it caused me to do, as well as with the feedback I received. I figured I would share, in case anyone is interested. At that time I had no idea that that Boy Scouts of America would become my education, serve as my passion, and form one of my largest social circles.

Personal professional effectiveness essay

I progressed through the ranks, serving as every major youth leadership position, earning leadership, rank, and religious awards, and even developed a youth leadership course for the University of Scouting. Throughout all of this, one quote by the founder of the Order of the Arrow, Dr.

Urner Goodman, stands above all other lessons and has influenced how I act, how I learn, and Personal professional effectiveness essay I interact with others every day: I would not be where I am today without the help of countless individuals. Whenever I see someone in a leadership position, I try to learn from him or her.

Whether the example is positive or negative, there are lessons I can learn and apply or not apply to my own leadership style. I have had mentors throughout my life who have taught me how to fish.

I ended up taking what I learned from him and built the largest district camporee in recent history. I subsequently worked for him at Boy Scout camp.

He now works for IBM as a Business Transformation Consultant and we have had regular conversations about how I might pursue a career in the consulting field.

Most of those years were spent on the board trying to rebuild our membership base and develop creative programming. Social justice has informed my volunteer and work involvement with the Boy Scouts of America, Hillel, and the Center for Multicultural Excellence.

As well, when looking for an internship this past summer, I very seriously sought out companies that understood corporate social responsibility.

Build-A-Bear Workshop certainly has that understanding. Personal values inform professional values. The two are truly inseparable. In order to be truly successful, one must be happy.

For me, happiness is gained through helping others. Whether through social justice activities or personal connections, I am constantly striving to improve the world around me. Through such actions, it is possible to be recognized monetarily and non-monetarily, and thus gain true happiness.

As I have sought paths down which to proceed or createI have taken a number of personality and career tests and surveys. I tend to be skeptical of the results as they rarely fully embody who I am. It was with that attitude that I received the results of my Insights Analysis — yet, I have never had a more accurate synopsis of how I operate and communicate.

Due to my interpretation of its accuracy, I can actually learn about myself from my Insights profile and work to improve and become a better person and leader. I have often wondered if business is the best place for me to truly make a difference to people.

I enjoy making connections with people, deconstructing and understanding problems, and solving such problems. My self-reflection did not end that night in April and clearly, I have chosen to pursue a path in business. Through this path, I hope to blend my interests and skills and make a difference in the lives of my co-workers and the people affected by the organization in which I am employed.

I often seek out people in whom I see potential for leadership. Four of my five years on staff at a Boy Scout summer camp were in the Business Manager position.

I missed the regular connection with the Scouts in camp that had enveloped my first year on staff so each week of the summer, I found a Scout with whom I would meet regularly to discuss the possibilities for learning and leadership that existed for him.

I might teach him about opportunities within the organization or give him advice on situations outside of Scouting.

Similarly, each summer I worked with one or more first year staff members to provide guidance, experience, and advice. Each of these staff members subsequently ended up in manager or director positions.

I will be someone who is passionate about what I do and who I am, who excels at tasks in which I use my talents, and who is resourceful and able to utilize my own resources to ensure success.

Yet, leadership is more than passion and hard work.Professional and Personal Growth-Reflective Report Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Professional and Personal Growth-Reflective Report 1.

The Executive Summary Salacuse () argues that effective management of people is one of the cornerstones of business success. Dissonance Between Personal and Professional Values: Resolution of an Ethical Dilemma. Erin B. Comartin, LMSW.

[email protected] A. Antonio González-Prendes, Ph.D. Running head: Self Reflection 1 Self-Reflection: Aligning Core Beliefs and Values with Professional Codes of Ethics Myrna Davis-Washington University of the Rockies Running head: Self Reflection 2 Self Reflection: Aligning Core Beliefs and Values with Professional Codes of Ethics Without a set of values, action lacks direction and focus.

PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS SCALE PE SCALE The PE scale gives personal effectiveness types in terms of self-disclosure, feedback, and perceptiveness. it contains 15 statement, five for each of the tree aspects. A respondent checks each statement, indicating the extent to which it is true of him or her.

This instrument is self-administered. JOHARI WINDOW [pic]. Personal Philosophy of Nursing essay Nursing is a highly responsible job that has to be performed by well-qualified professionals. Nurses should come prepare to adapt their lifestyle and set of values, which they have to carry out throughout their career in nursing, because nurses should respect basic ethical norms and standards and provide.

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