How to write a 3 minute christian testimony clip

Use as the Spirit and your family needs guide.

How to write a 3 minute christian testimony clip

What is a Christian Testimony? One common usage is when a person is brought into a courtroom and placed under oath to tell, attest to, or give witness to his or her personal knowledge or experience with reference to the case that is being heard.

Only a Christian can give a Christian testimony, and a Christian is one who has received forgiveness for sin by trusting alone in the person and work of Jesus Christ for that forgiveness.

A Christian testimony is given when Christians relate how we came to know the God of the Bible through the moving of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Often we can only see that in hindsight, but sharing that experience is vital.

Also, when giving this testimony, a sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is always a necessity. Though we can include specific information about how we came to accept Christ as Savior, those details should not be the focus of the testimony.

The focus should be about the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

A Christian testimony should not end with the conversion experience, but should also include the ways in which the Lord has worked in our lives to sanctify us for His service.

As an example, a testimony could include how He brought us through a difficult time in our life such as a loss or some sort or a severe illness and built our faith in Him through that experience. We should also be able to describe the continual process by which the Spirit who now indwells us leads, guides, molds and shapes us into mature Christians.

Again, the focus should be on the Lord and His faithfulness, and should include at least one verse that speaks of that faithfulness Psalm Jan 24,  · Get YouTube without the ads.


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how to write a 3 minute christian testimony clip

Here's a good 3 min 9/11 Clip worth seeing! TruthMovementIsCool. Loading. Sharing Your Journey of Faith. View Series / The Life Team.

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Stories are powerful. We all love stories, especially ones that give us an “inside look” into someone else’s life. Write a conclusion that makes your testimony sound finished and complete. Practice sharing it with a Christian friend or family member. Share your story with. Support FOCUS and join us in continuing to change and impact lives across America and the world. Visit Chaplains. Campuses Find My Campus Stories Blog Resources Get Involved Alumni Shop Search resources, blog and stories.

6 useful steps in creating an effective one minute testimony video.


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how to write a 3 minute christian testimony clip

Christian Committed Christian, real Christian As you write your first draft, refer again to the sample testimony that is most like your own story. Note how the person began the testimony and how he or she made the transitions between the main points. In addition, follow .

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