Follow traffic rules avoid accidents

How to stay safe? This is all the more important because Thailand is year-and-again amongst the top countries of having traffic accidents in the world!

Follow traffic rules avoid accidents

The dictionary defines accident as "an unexpected and undesirable event, a mishap unforeseen and without apparent cause. So, what causes them, and how can you avoid them? Ads Four factors contribute to the vast majority of collisions.

In ascending order they are: Drivers always try to blame road conditions, equipment failure, or other drivers for those accidents. When the facts are truthfully presented, however, the behavior of the implicated driver is usually the primary cause.

Most are caused by excessive speed or aggressive driver behavior. Equipment Failure - Manufacturers are required by law to design and engineer cars that meet a minimum safety standard.

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Computers, combined with companies' extensive research and development, have produced safe vehicles that are easy and safe to drive. Brakes - Modern dual-circuit brake systems have made total brake failure an unlikely event.

If one side of the circuit fails, the other side is usually sufficient to stop a vehicle. Disc brakes, found on the front wheels of virtually every modern vehicle, are significantly more effective than the older drum braking systems, which can fade when hot.

ABS Anti Blockier System or anti-lock brakes prevent the wheels from locking up during emergency braking maneuvers, allowing modern vehicles to avoid many accidents that previously would have occurred.

Tires - Today's radial tires are significantly safer than the bias-ply tires of 25 years ago. They still, however, need attention regularly. Under inflation, the most frequent cause of tire failure is considered the main culprit in the recent Firestone tire-failure fatalities.

Uneven or worn-out tires are the next most serious problem and can also lead to tire failure. Uneven wear is caused by improperly balanced tires, or misaligned or broken suspensions. Remember, all that keeps you connected to the roadway is your tires. If you don't check your own, have your mechanic check them every 5, miles.

Your steering enables you to go around road obstacles and avoid potential accidents. Even a safe, well-trained driver is helpless in the event of a steering or suspension system failure. Such failures are catastrophic, especially at high speeds. Have your suspension and steering systems checked out by a mechanic every 10, miles.

With regular component inspections by trained individuals, equipment failures can be virtually eliminated.Jul 24,  · How to Avoid Accidents While Driving.

Make sure to pay attention to these signs to avoid accidents and traffic tickets. 8. You should be careful on the road and to keep all the safety rules. It also depends on other drivers, pedestrians, sometimes animals and the weather%(48).

A traffic collision, also called a motor vehicle collision (MVC) among other terms, occurs when a vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, road debris, or other stationary obstruction, such as a tree, pole or building.

Traffic collisions often result in injury, death, and property damage. A number of factors contribute to the risk of collision, including vehicle design, speed.

The dictionary defines accident as "an unexpected and undesirable event, a mishap unforeseen and without apparent cause." Strictly speaking, most accidents are not accidents at all: they are collisions that could and should have been avoided.

So, what causes them, and how can you avoid them? Nov 25,  · Traffic rules have been designed with safety foremost in mind. It takes into account safety for all, including pedestrians. Follow the lane, and keep the required distance between vehicles/5(2).

Cyberabad Traffic DCP Avinash Mohanty is among those few traffic police officers who spend close to three to five hours a day on roads as part of their duty. ‘Follow simple rules to avoid. DCP Traffic, Smartna Patil has appealed Nagpurians to follow the traffic rules and ride safely so as to avoid deadly accidents.

Follow traffic rules avoid accidents
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