Characters in the odyssey and ramayana essay

The history and genealogy of the Bharata and Bhrigu races is recalled, as is the birth and early life of the Kuru princes adi means first.

Characters in the odyssey and ramayana essay

Characters in the odyssey and ramayana essay

A Comparison Both Ramayana and Shakuntala are great works of artistic and philosophical merit. Originally written in Sanskrit close to two millennia ago, their authorship and date of origin are both speculative and mythologized.

It’s no wonder that love is a theme often repeated in our literary works, such as The Odyssey and The Ramayana of Valmiki. The Odyssey and The Ramayana of Valmiki are two of the world’s earliest works of literature, so old in fact, they started out as oral traditions. The characters of the stories go through and experience life in a sense that reflects greatly the way of life during those times. There's a specialist from your university waiting to help you with that essay topic for only $/page Tell us what you need to have done now! THE RAMAYANA I am a Hindu and I practice the Hindu religion and therefore the Ramayana is one of the great epics that I am aware of as it plays a huge role in the upbringing of the Hindu religion. There are so many characters in this great epic and the most talked characters are; Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana.

Yet, these ambiguities do not detract from their unique contributions to Eastern philosophy and literature. Both are great dramatic narratives and are integral to Indian folklore and tradition.

The two works offer a glimpse into the social, political and philosophical currents affecting India two millennia ago. In this sense, they can be treated as fictionalized yet historically informative documents.

Though, both Ramayana and Shakuntala are different in scope and historical setting, they share a common focus on philosophical questions pertaining to morality, choice freewill and chance opportunity.

This essay will argue that, though the two works are narrative stories set in ancient India, their scales, characters, themes and tones are dissimilar. The rest of this essay will flesh out this position.

In Shakuntala, a salient philosophical debate is whether the titular character is a victim of misfortune as in encountering an ill-tempered Sage Durvasa or had let herself down by living in her fantasies when Sage Durvasa visits her hermitage. In this sense, this great play offers a cathartic experience of the highest order to the audience.

In contrast, in the Ramayana, the central and most dramatic moment in the narrative is when Ram and his faithful brothers are mandated to spend 14 years in the wilderness. The hardships and challenges they face during this period as well as the valuable friends they acquire on course showcase morals, values and virtues that are integral to Hindu Dharma.

In this sense, this great Indian epic serves as a theatrical illustration of ideal Hindu life, with a comprehensive list of moral codes to abide by.

In the Ramayana, a recurrent theme is one of maintenance of honor and virtue.

Characters in the odyssey and ramayana essay

This is amply evident through the lives of Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman, etc. All these characters go to great lengths in keeping their promises and upholding their loyalties.

Hence, the various characters in this great epic show how they overcome challenges in maintaining their honor and loyalty. In Shakuntala, in contrast, this showcase of virtue is not so pronounced, except tenuously. After Ram defeats Ravan and Sita rejoins with her beloved, as a proof of her chastity, she even steps into fire as part of a symbolic cleansing ritual.

In terms of their scale and grandeur too there are differences between the two works. Shakuntala is a shorter narrative when compared to the lengthier and broad-scoped epic that is the Ramayana.

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The latter, believed to be written by Sage Valmiki, is a genuine epic, comparable to the Odyssey, Iliad or Beowulf of the Western literary canon. Moreover, Ramayana is a more complete story compared to Shakuntala. Indeed, every common human crisis can be found at some stage in its narrative.

The thoughts, actions and decisions of characters at various such moments of crisis serve as guidance and moral lesson to the reader of the text. In this way, the Ramayana is comparable to sacred texts of other major religions, in terms of the breadth of its scope and the profundity of wisdom contained within.

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In this regard the Shakuntala is quite limited. Written in the form of a play, its primary purpose is entertainment, although it contains some elements of didacticism related to Hindu Dharma.The Odyssey is written in stanzas like some of the stories in History such as the Mahabharata, a great Hindu epic that contains over 75, stanzas about a war between two cousins, and Ramayana, another Hindu epic poem, which is similar to The Odyssey, is about the wanderings of a banished prince and his faithful wife (Baiike, et al: ).

Three somewhat distinct forces shape the lives of men and women in The Odyssey: fate, the interventions of the gods, and the actions of the men and women themselves.

Fate is the force of death in the midst of life, the destination each man or woman will ultimately reach. Essay on congenial atmosphere band, architecture analysis essay althusser essays on ideology characters of the epic ramayana and their characterization essay allquantor beispiel essay deadly unna essay conclusion paragraph platen cover type essay, essay on the veldt summary xml datenbank beispiel essay narrative essay on the odyssey.

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The Ramayana Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for The Ramayana is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. In both the Ramayana and the Odyssey, the wives of the main male characters, Sita and Penelope, are tormented by individuals that want to take them for their own, even though both women are married.

Despite their circumstances, both women choose to stay loyal to their husbands. Q: Which characters in the Ramayana did you have the most fun illustrating? Patel: I can doodle Ravana the ten-headed demon king in my sleep at this point.

I also love sketching Hanuman and r-bridal.coms:

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