An analysis of jake burton and the history of snowboarding

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An analysis of jake burton and the history of snowboarding

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Off of Yobeat, and yeah it's fucking snowboarding but this is real interesting. It was sent anonymously, and from the postage mark appears to be mailed from Portland, Oregon and not Burlington, Vermont.

Regardless, it has no shortage of valid points, so we've decided to publish it in full. Since half of Portland is ex-Burton staff, it's not a surprising origin, however we personally have no idea who wrote it.

The transcribed version includes a few grammatical tweaks, but is basically the same as the below image. Dear Jake and Donna, There is a growing group of voices gaining volume and strength and it's time to listen. We're here to tell you what no one else will. There is a poison inside your company that has driven away countless amazing employees, derailed years of financial success and threatens the core structure and business you have spent an entire lifetime building.

All you have to do is look at all the amazing people who have left your organization and what they have accomplished to see all the amazing talent you have lost. You have two senior "leaders" working for you that have undermined you, your company, and the entire snowboarding industry for close to 15 years.

The damage is deepening, and unless you take action soon, the situation will go from bad to dire.

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They don't snowboard, flaunt their wealth in the face of your modestly compensated organization, lead by intimidation and fear, and pursue countless failed projects under the guide of "being core" and "building a lifestyle business," which benefits no one besides themselves.

Everything they do is to further their own personal agenda and undermine you. There is an old trope in the industry that these people must have some horrendous dirt on you or they would have been walked out the door a long time ago.

We don't believe that, we just believe they have deceived you in plain sight. One of the greatest cons in the history of action sports is going on right inside 80 Industrial Ave. It seems to be obvious to every person in the company and the industry as a whole.

We hope you will finally see this for yourselves and make the right decision for your amazing company and the dedicated people that work for you.

One of these people allegedly drinks and does drugs in the office, and openly promotes drug use on social media. People who party with them are 'in' and those who don't are 'out. Those that actually have a real legal complaint against them have been swept under the rug with NDA's and payouts.

An analysis of jake burton and the history of snowboarding

One of the dozens of pointless marketing initiatives that have moved Burton further and further away from its core business. These moves have cost Burton millions of dollars, yet have only fueled this duo's vanity and ego.

Have any of these programs been successful or moved the needle for your brand? How many "cool guy" product collabs have failed over the years and who lead them?

An analysis of jake burton and the history of snowboarding

An "anonymous" HR survey from two years ago was conducted where employees were afraid to answer honestly for fear of retribution from these two people.

When asked offline, the number one problem inside Burton given: Their lifestyle has enabled your own vices under the guise of staying core.

When you surround yourself by these people you are distanced from the reality on the ground. They only give you information you want to hear by distracting you with "coolness.

Jake and Donna, you created an entire movement and an industry. Not many people in the world can make that claim.Jake Burton and the History of Snowboarding Jake Burton and the History of Snowboarding Twenty five years have gone by since Jake Burton Carpenter started making snowboards.

His company today is the most successful and largest manufacturer in the world for snowboarding. Burton Snowboards 10 months ago Here at Burton, an idea is all it takes to get the next project rolling, and in the case of Burton Step On™, it came from some of the leading minds at Burton.

Burton Snowboards Business Analysis Essay - Burton Snowboards Business Analysis Burton Snowboards takes surfing to the mountains, with premium snowboards and equipment. Jake Burton, the world’s first snowboard maker, founded the company in in Londonberry, Vermont.

While Burton had built its identity around Jake and Donna Burton-Carpenter and touts its identity as a private, family-owned and -run company, in actuality the company ended up being run by figures like the Dacyshyns and Potdevin, who were criticized as being not as accountable, authentic, or genuinely invested in snowboarding (as an activity.

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